Szablon:Infobox Piosenki Hey Jessie, Can't Do It Without You - jest to mash up czołowych piosenek pomiędzy serialem JESSIE a serialem Austin i Ally. Występuje w odcinkach: Big Dreams & Big Apples(Austin i Ally) oraz Nanny In Miami (Jessie).


Oh oh oh oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh
Hey Jessie! Hey Jessie!

When the crowd wants more,
I bring on the thunder
'Cause you got my back
And I'm not going under (Hey Jessie!)

You're my point,
You're my guard
You're the perfect chord
And I see our names together on every billboard (Hey Jessie!)

My whole world is changing, turning around.
They got me going crazy and they're shaking the ground (Hey!)
But they took a chance on the new girl in town (Oh!)
And I don't wanna let them down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down

There's no way I can make it without you (Hey!)
Do it without you (Hey!)
Be here without you
It's no fun when you're doing it solo (Hey!)
With you it's like whoa (Hey!)
Yeah and I know.

I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I own this dream
Cause I-I-I-I-I've got you with me
Hey hey hey Jessie!



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