Szablon:InfoboxPiosenkaPiosenka, którą Chyna podzieliła się z Fletcherem w odcinku Miłość Gibsona. Piosenka ta miała pomóc w obmyśleniu pomysłu, aby się pozbyć natrętnego Gibsona.

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♪ Our friend Gibson was feeling down,
Crying all day like a sad little clown,
Been playing games with him for a week
What can we do with this fuzzy haired freak?

♪ We can take him on a trip to Albuquerque
Dehydrate his skin and make Gibson jerky
Give him a ride on a marry-go-round
Or dress him like a dog and take him to the pound
Go for a stroll on some country roads
Or feed him fatty foods til his heart explodes
Take him on a tour to south of France...


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